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Barium Carbonate

An inorganic chemical with a white powder appearance, barium carbonate is sometimes called Pigment White 10. Barium carbonate may be available as ultra-fine powder, fine powder, or coarse powder. Due to its low solubility in water, barium carbonate is used in preparing glass, ceramics, cement, and other relevant materials.  

Specific in ceramics, barium carbonate is commonly used as a raw material with iron oxide to produce barium ferrite, which has a high magnetic coercivity and high stability, thus is suitable to be used in many components with permanent magnets. We provide barium carbonate in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

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Manufacturing Process

Barium carbonate is obtained from the reaction of barium sulphide with sodium carbonate or carbon dioxide. To obtain barium carbonate, some industries use two commonly used methods: the soda ash method and the carbonation method. In the soda ash method, barium sulphide is reacted with dissolved sodium carbonate, while in the carbonation method, carbon dioxide is supplied to barium sulphide in a reactor.


Paper as one of the items made of barium carbonate

Pulp and Paper

Barium carbonate provides whiteness as a white pigment; hence, used in paper coating for white paper manufacturing. The optical and tactile characteristics such as whiteness, glosses, and smoothness of the papers are improved through the addition of barium carbonate. .

Glass and Ceramic as one of the items made of barium carbonate

Glass and Ceramic

Barium carbonate has been used as the raw material in high-fire glazes. Since it can increase luster and refractive index, barium carbonate often used to manufacture matt glazes, clay bricks, and ceramic tiles to improve their aesthetic value.

Waste water treatment ponds from industrial plants

Water Treatment

The Sulphate-rich water issue can be solved by adding precipitating agents such as barium carbonate. By precipitating mechanism, the amount of sulphate in water can be reduced by generating the precipitated barium sulphate from barium carbonate addition and further separating the precipitated species.


IUPAC Name : Barium Carbonate

Chemical Formula : BaCO3

Cas No. : 513-77-9

Appearance : White crystal

HS Code : 2836.60.00